Orca™ Carbon: the future of water powersports has arrived and it’s green
Taiga Team

With the summer season in full swing, Taiga continues to provide watersports enthusiasts with the means to explore our beautiful waterways with a zero-emissions PWC that doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance. In fact, Taiga has just delivered new shipments of its ground-breaking, fully electric Orca™ Carbon, a combination of an innovative ground-up design and forward-thinking proprietary technology. 


What makes Orca Carbon so special? Its revolutionary carbon fibre composite hull, sharp deadrise angle, high stress-to-weight ratio, and low centre of gravity. And that’s just scratching the tip of the all-electric iceberg.  


Engineers have provided Orca Carbon with the ability to slice through the water with impressive agility and instant acceleration. Let’s talk figures. Orca Carbon has a 120-kW or 160 HP power output. It also has a throttle response of under 1 millisecond and silent operation. In other words, Orca Carbon is simply unlike anything else available on the market today.


With a range of 45 kilometres (which equals almost two hours of continuous riding), Orca Carbon allows riders to experience thrills with a high performance PWC that marks our ongoing pursuit of the decarbonization of powersports. In fact, Orca Carbon integrates many of the sophisticated powertrain components that can be found in our line of electric snowmobiles. When it comes to off-roading, boundaries were meant to be pushed.


Orca Carbon is all about a smart system in a smart design. When you’re on the water, a 7-inch HD screen will keep track of your speed, drive mode, battery charge status, and more. There’s also plenty of storage space to bring all your essentials and extra gear with you. Moreover, our PWCs remain future-ready with OTA connectivity and updates, another new feature in the industry. When you’re off the water, simply plug your PWC in an EV charger at the dock or your home and you’re all set. It really is that simple. Orca Carbon comes with level 1, 2, and DC fast charging equipment. Meaning you can charge up to 80% of the battery in as little as 30 minutes.


At Taiga, we’re proud to provide those who love the great outdoors with the means to explore everything Mother Nature has to offer without ever having to choose between power and protecting the environment. 


Specifications are given for informational purpose only based on Taiga’s testing. Metrics (such as weight, range, speed, acceleration and battery life) may vary based on the environment terrain, weather conditions, local regulations and final build of the ordered product.


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