Orca Carbon

Taiga Team

The inspiration behind Orca Carbon was a strong desire to protect, enjoy and explore the waters of the world. We’ve done this because we believe in building something that has never been done before, the most advanced personal watercraft that is truly in a class of its own. We took crucial steps to ensure the rollout of Orca Carbon marries performance and design in a fully electric vehicle made of carbon fibre. This noteworthy model is helping fulfill our goal of consciously building vehicles for the masses for uncompromised outdoor exploration-– without a single drop of gas.

As we enter the next phase in Taiga’s evolution, our engineering teams have been hard at work continuing to innovate the entire Orca driving experience with hundreds of technological advancements. We have spent countless hours testing and ensuring every detail of this personal watercraft exceeds expectations, not only in its design but also in its performance.

Here are some Orca Carbon features we are stoked about:


Like its name, Orca Carbon features a hull and top deck constructed entirely of carbon fibre. Beyond its sleek appearance, the material offers a very high strength-to-weight ratio giving the watercraft a strong foundation for all types of riding styles. The unique hull design and shape were developed in-house by our nautical engineering teams through computational fluid dynamic optimizations for greater efficiency and control.


Integrated between Orca Carbon’s handlebars is a high-resolution color display, the first of its kind. Behind the screen is a powerful onboard computer offering built-in GPS mapping and intelligent connectivity via LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Future software updates to our operating system are also included with all Taiga vehicles through free over-the-air updates. Users can also use the Taiga app to adjust vehicle parameters for a truly personal and safe riding experience.


Orca Carbon creates a new category of personal watercraft. Years of sophisticated engineering allow it to achieve great acceleration and speed while remaining nimble and playful. Orca Carbon’s impressive performance lies in its industry-leading power-to-weight ratio and low center of gravity in combination with instant torque at the pull of the throttle. Our electric propulsion system gives the rider perfect control over the craft to ensure a safe and pleasant ride for everyone. From first-time riders to experienced veterans, Orca Carbon will leave you wanting more.


Orca Carbon offers full customization including body panel, seat and trim colors. Using our online configurator, you can cycle through the different options to create a photorealistic visualization of just how you want your new Orca Carbon to look. Utilizing premium automotive-grade metallic paint, we are able to offer deep and rich colors that make your new electric watercraft a real head-turner on the water.


Sustainable exploration is now a reality. With Orca Carbon, you can experience adventure and adrenalin without drawbacks of excessive noise and smell. Water exploration will never be the same with Taiga’s 100% electric propulsion system, carving the way to a friendlier, greener future.

Check out our all-new video highlighting Orca Carbon, a vehicle that is igniting innovation across the entire product line, accelerating production for enthusiasts worldwide.