Exploring Lac Saint-Jean on Nomad

By Anthony Ellyson


Embarking on a challenging journey that defies conventional norms, Nancy Olivier and Alain Fiset, the visionary leaders of Fize Électrique in Lévis, embarked on an extraordinary adventure around Lac Saint-Jean aboard their Nomad electric snowmobiles. While Nancy and Alain are renowned for their dedication to electrifying their vehicle fleet business, this time, they wanted to test the recreational side of EVs by pushing the boundaries of long-distance electric snowmobile touring.

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Navigating Challenges and Planning Ahead

Embarking on such a journey demands meticulous planning, and Alain underscores the significance of thorough preparation. He used multiple tools and applications on top of the Taiga App, including FCMQ’s iMotoneige and Hydro-Québec’s Circuit Électrique, complemented by tools like Google Maps for navigation. This allowed him to carefully plan their route, including charging stops, restaurants, and hotels.  


Over 200 Km in a Day

The adventure commenced on February 23, departing from Alma and skirting the southern edge of the lake through Hébertville and Saint-Félicien before stopping for the night in Dolbeau-Mistassini. Day one saw the sleds covering an impressive 236 kilometers, with strategic recharges in Chambord, Roberval, and Normandin.

Day two brought a shorter segment, departing Dolbeau-Mistassini at 9 a.m. and passing through Sainte-Jeanne-d’Arc, Sainte-Monique, and Saint-Coeur-de-Marie, recharging as needed. Despite a shorter distance of 125 km, the journey was equally captivating.


Unexpected Adventures and Community Spirit

Despite meticulous planning, Alain and Nancy found themselves at the wrong hotel, highlighting the unpredictable nature of such excursions and the importance of using reliable vehicles like Nomad. However, the warmth and hospitality of the Lac Saint-Jean community saved the day, turning a potential setback into an unexpected experience.

Electrifying Opportunities for Snowmobile Tourism

This journey around Lac-Saint-Jean serves not only as a personal triumph for Nancy and Alain but also as a testament to the possibilities and capabilities of Nomad snowmobiles. As Alain aptly puts it, “I’m not here to tell everyone to buy electric snowmobiles. It’s a challenge we took on to demonstrate to people and Taiga that planning a trip on an electric snowmobile is possible.” With the fully electric Nomad, the future of snowmobiling looks both thrilling and sustainable.

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Embark on Your Own Electric Adventure

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