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No Sweat in Cold Weather
Taiga Team

Challenging the myths of cold weather and batteries


Through dense winter forest leading to open frozen lakes, we tag along with the Taiga performance testing team to glimpse into the world of cold weather operation for the electric snowmobile platform.

"From the get-go, we knew we needed to design a system that could keep the batteries warm in freezing temperatures," says Marc-Olivier Gagnon, Battery Technology Lead at Taiga.


This is no surprise as snowmobiles and cold weather performance go together. The battery pack, along with the whole powertrain, were designed to be active through freezing temperatures.


“With the heater and the heat exchanger that we’ve designed and developed, it’s a good combination to keep the motor as cold as possible while also keeping the battery at its optimal temperature,” continued Marc-Olivier.


At the core, our mission is to unlock sustainable access to the great outdoors by developing the technology needed to electrify powersports for a no-compromise experience.

“Nomad runs great through any snow condition–whether it’s hard pack or deep snow,” says Mike da Silva, an in-house test rider. “It’s the best of both worlds with this sport utility sled.”


Exploration of the great outdoors shouldn’t come at the cost of harming the environment. Leveraging a clean sheet design approach, the proprietary technology on the snowmobile platform is built to our specifications for an outstanding ride.


“The best range, the best power delivery, and the best performance. What we’re delivering to the market with our product is an experience,” says Serge Hétu, Snowmobile Engineering Platform Manager.


Day in, day out – we’re a technology company creating, testing, and fine tuning a meaningful product at the confluence of design, technology, and performance challenging the status quo of the EV space.

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