A weekend with Nomad

By Anthony Ellyson

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Experience Electric Snowmobiling in Quebec’s Hinterland

Nestled in the heart of Quebec, and stunning in all four seasons, it stands to reason that the Mauricie region has a particular charm throughout the coldest months of the year. Embracing more than 17,000 lakes, bursting with lush forests, and calm countryside landscapes, this snowmobile paradise is one of Canada’s hidden treasures.

Greeted with wide-open spaces and over 2,800 kilometers of interconnected snowmobile trails, the networks are ideal for everyone from beginners to seasoned trail riders. Endless passages winding past frozen waterfalls and through white-capped landscapes, paired with the simplicity of an electric powertrain, leaves riders with a breathtaking off-road adventure.

Aside from the silence, intuitive design, and rugged build quality, Nomad offers a more refined experience with hyper-precise throttle and confidence in manoeuvrability.


The comfort of electric is most highlighted when riders embark for the first time. Seasoned snowmobile riders jump on, and quickly become accustomed to the one-button start and the linear acceleration, while new snowmobilers can welcome the approachable console.

Smooth decelerations, from rider-selected regenerative braking, transform how the machine responds and accentuates the core powertrain technology. The notable torque capacity pulls Nomad into a new class of utility sled where versatility is unmatched.

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city with crisp conifer-scented air, snowmobiling through the Mauricie region is the perfect way to disconnect.

Departing straight from the snow-blanketed terrain and onto the public trail network with quiet performance, this peaceful location welcomes trail riders to connect more deeply with nature and enjoy the pristine sights and sounds of the wild.

Armed with the proper layers and trail network pass, winters spent sustainably exploring the outdoors is what we’re all about.

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