Delivering Nomad

By Anthony Ellyson

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Taiga released the first electric snowmobiles, destined to reservation holders, marking the new era for powersports.

Taiga set out to electrify the snowmobile in 2015, a time when on-road electric vehicles were beginning to prove that they weren’t a fad; the technology was here to stay. Taiga’s three cofounders were determined to change the world with the electrification of a segment largely ignored for electrification or innovation – powersports.

Electrifying the snowmobile platform would be difficult. Size and weight considerations are substantial. There’s a clear point where weight is a detriment to the machine. Problem solving for the electric powertrain wasn’t as simple as more batteries and more power than modern electric cars, but rather engineering a new powertrain from a clean sheet optimized for powersports.

Tackling the challenge of delivering sustained power in the coldest winter weathers meant developing a breakthrough thermal management system and proving it out through years of testing in the harshest conditions to redefine winter EV performance. The sport of snowmobiling is built on power and it’s vital that the motor package be exceptional.

The use of these machines is unique from other electric vehicles. They operate in rough conditions, breaking trail, and climbing summits. Most importantly, if the snowmobile can successfully be electrified, then the dream to electrify other off-road vehicles comes to life

Every system, component, and each of the thousands of decisions leading up to the final build were chosen to scale. Production of Taiga snowmobiles needed to offer unyielding performance, greater than that of traditional equivalents. These pioneering snowmobiles will convince the industry of an advent to electric power.

Our mission is to revolutionize powersports and transform the way we access the outdoors. It’s not only about creating the best possible off-road vehicles, but also about sustainable, clean, energy consumption that matters for everyone. It’s about ensuring the preservation for future generations of the environments in which snowmobiles thrive.

In working to achieve our mission, a highly refined and functional snowmobile was only half the battle. The team worked relentlessly to uncover solutions and rise to the production challenge of these unprecedented times. Through-and-through ownership of the platform meant that innovation cycles could be quickly actioned.

Evolving from the small team of engineers into a specialized manufacturing company has accelerated our vision. We’ve welcomed sharp minds and industry veterans with the grit needed to develop a highly efficient production environment and bring Taiga vehicles to market.

Taiga’s developed the world’s first performance-focused, fully electric off-road powertrain matched perfectly to the snowmobile application, providing clean power for vehicles traversing the world’s harshest conditions. This innovative technology is an extraordinary feat of engineering, pushing the frontiers of electric technology and ultimately serving as the foundation for electrifications across the off-road industry.

Taiga vehicles will allow outdoor enthusiasts to explore the wilderness without compromising between performance and protecting the environment. The proprietary powertrain was designed with a modular architecture that enables wide-ranging technological applications beyond electric powersports vehicles to advance the broader EV industry.

In short, the commencement of client deliveries begins the ripple effect towards our mission of revolutionizing the way we access the outdoors.

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