Nomad put to work at Bolton Resort

By Anthony Ellyson


Under the Deslauriers family leadership, this independent ski resort has progressively made changes towards better energy sources for daily operations such as solar array projects, a wind turbine at the top of the mountain, LED lights for night skiing, and the displacement of 25,000 gallons of diesel fuel consumption annually with electric compressors for snowmaking.

While Bolton Valley has the mindset to electrifying various activities across their resort, and electric snowmobiles seem almost like an obvious fit, the addition of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure for fleets across the ski industry could be viewed as instinctive with the power consumption and supply already in use.

Aside from the infrastructure fit between electric snowmobile operations and mountain activity, which is ample for new charging infrastructure, the Nomad snowmobiles help bring another level of excitement to this already bustling ski resort and their guests.

Ski hill operations rely on snowmobiles for mountain access, whether that be from ski patrol teams monitoring slopes, trails, and base ski areas, to snowmaking operations and maintenance, such as grooming trails, transporting staff, or towing equipment.


The simplified mechanics, quiet operation, and linear throttle response were welcomed by Ski Patrol for first-impression rides, and the burgeoning Backcountry Nordic program can expect an evolution with the versatility and access that Nomad snowmobiles provides.

Trailblazing the bedrock for Bolton Valley. From the inception of the ski area, accessibility has been foundational. Keeping their ethos of building an environment to serve working Vermonters, the deep commitment to their community can be felt across every aspect of the resort. Open year round with breathtaking views of Lake Champlain and the surrounding mountains, this ski resort is exemplary and not to be missed on the Indy Pass.

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