Taiga’s 2022 summer recap

By Anthony Ellyson


Where the current took us:

The past few months have been, in a word, memorable. Over the course of a whirlwind summer in full swing for the first time since the pandemic, the Taiga team added another layer of exhilaration and adventure to the lives of our community of customers, investors, and test riders. From delivering our first Orca™ personal watercraft (PWC) to rolling out our Taiga Service Providers Program, Summer 2022 was one for the books.


Headlining the Orca™ Carbon

Starting the summer off on an electrifying note, Fast Company named our powertrain technology the overall North American winner in their 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards. Honored to have been featured alongside other prolific inventions around the globe, we then turned our attention to putting together an unforgettable Orca demonstration experience tour. After kicking off in Montreal at the end of May, The Taiga team took the show on the road, hosting demos in other Quebec locations such as Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu, Brownsburg, and weekends in Drummondville and Knowlton. We then headed to Gordon Bay Marine, one of our first TSPs, in Muskoka, Ontario.

copy_of_taiga_june_13_demien_54 (1)

Earlier this month, the test drive tour ended successfully as the team collaborated with the Tesla Club of Quebec, a group of EV enthusiasts already passionate about the intersection between performance and sustainability. Quebec’s first Tesla Roadster, driven by a Tesla Club member, and our Nomad™ snowmobile also made appearances at the three-day event.

Delivering the world’s first PWC and introducing our TSP Program

This summer also marked another two groundbreaking milestones for Taiga: our initial Orca personal watercraft deliveries and the launch of our Taiga Service Provider Program, marking a new era in the electrification of powersports. Our Taiga Service Providers Program is our network of touchpoints dedicated to providing vehicle pick-up and post-delivery support and service whenever required.

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What’s next

Though we’re still feeling inspired from this summer, we’re ready to ride the current into the changing seasons and present our electric off-road vehicles to different markets and audiences. The Taiga team is following the weather down to Florida to introduce our powertrain technology stateside at Electrify Expo (Oct 8, 9) and TeslaCon Florida (Oct 21, 22, 23).

Next, with frozen adventures on the horizon, we are gearing up for our first full season dedicated to all-electric snowy expeditions, following the deliveries of our first Nomad snowmobiles earlier this year. As we dust off our winter boots, we can’t wait to continue powering off-road experiences without disrupting the beauty and tranquility of nature.